I Filandari

Lot 122

Collection 2022

Expiry 23/07/2024

100% Ottobratica and Tonda di Filogaso organic olives that harvested green allow us to have an oil with high levels of polyphenols and an intense green, bitter and spicy fruitiness.

  • Appearance: clear
  • Color: from green to straw yellow
  • Odor: fruity
  • Taste: delicate fruity
  • Defects: absent

Cultivated present in the oil lot 120

Percentage 50%
Tonda di Filogaso
Percentage 50%

Characteristics of crops

Organoleptic evaluation

  • Fruity median: 2,7
  • Median of bitterness: > 4,7
  • Spicy median: 4,5

Acidity: 0,15

Number of peroxides: 2,8

Spectrophometric analysis in the ultraviolet

  • K232: 1,70
  • K270: 0,09
  • Delta K: – 0,002


  • Total polyphenols: > 300

Information on olives

• Altitude

From 300 to 330 meters above the sea level

• Age of trees

Between 90 and 3 years

• Type of terrain

Mainly medium-heavy texture

• Number of trees

Max. 240 / hectare

• Collection

From October to early November



The olive harvest takes place using the typical trappe, long sticks still used today to drop the olives from the tops of the tallest trees that reach heights over 10 meters and harvested by hand on the nets.

Quality check

The protected designation of origin, better known by the acronym PDO, is a brand that is attributed to foods whose peculiar qualitative characteristics essentially or exclusively depend on the territory in which they were produced. The geographical environment includes both natural and human factors which, combined together, make it possible to obtain an inimitable product outside a specific production area. In order for a product to be PDO, the production, transformation and processing phases must take place in a defined geographical area. Who makes PDO products must comply with the strict production rules established in the production specification, and compliance with these rules is guaranteed by a specific control body.


The oil obtained from the separation process is the finished product; however, it is cloudy due to the natural solid residue contained within it. This is why it is usually left to rest before placing it on the market. We let it rest for several months in special steel drums at a controlled temperature, and let the product become clear in a natural way thanks to gravity. Only at that point, in spring, we bottle our extra virgin olive oil in special bottles that preserve its taste and color. Pending the sale, they are stored in rooms at a controlled temperature and in the absence of light in order to preserve their quality and organoleptic characteristics.