Faithful to tradition
but with an eye to the future

I Filandari: a family company

Young company but with a passion for olive oil for 3 generations.
From a familiar idea, for the needs of a large family, to the explosion on the international market, always maintaining the same values.


Our Vision

Grow the family of “i Filandari” understood as a union of all the small local producers who work their olive groves according to our values.

Our Values

Protect the territory, translations and local culture, a symbol of sustainable agriculture.
With the sale of our olive oil we want to reinvest part of the proceeds in the territory, in the traditions and in the training of our small producers.


We clearly describe the position and characteristics of each product.


We enhance the lives of our farmers with training and refresher courses.


Share your know-how with other producers, so as to be stronger together.


A sustainable production in line with the characteristics of the territory.

A History of Quality

It was the early 1900s, when grandfather Felice, born in Maida (CZ) on March 9, 1896, decided to buy a cottage in Caraffa di Catanzaro, a neighboring town. Together with their grandmother Anna, born in Maida on 2 July 1902, they decided to undertake the path of “filandaro”, therefore for the processing of fabrics and clothes.


Humble People

We believe it is needless to say a lot, we like to let our oil, its flavor and its properties speak for themselves.


Small is good

I Filandari, with the help of small producers, guarantees a genuine raw material and high precision in all stages of processing.

Our pillars



materiali e prodotti

Materials and products


Supply chain

olive tradizione

Culture and tradition