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I Filandari Aphrodìtè

The accuracy in production and the extreme quality of the BIO DOP.

I Filandari Cerere

Unique sensory experience with the organoleptic properties of BIO PGI.

I Filandari Elais

The high quality of organic oil obtained by taking care of every single phase.

I Filandari Ermes

Extra virgin olive oil from Calabria, among the best in the world.

Gaglioppo Riserva

Gaglioppo Rosato



Organic Olive Oil 5lt


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Oil for passion

Not only knowing how to do, but knowing how to do well.

Processing steps

Discover the stages of oil processing.

A family business

History and tradition intersect in our work.

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With traceability we guarantee the position and characteristics of each product.

People at the center

We value the lives of our farmers by supporting their professional growth.

The sharing

Share your Know How with other producers, so as to be stronger together.

La sostenibilità

Una produzione sostenibile in linea con le caratteristiche del territorio.

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