Oil for passion

From its origins until today

The family acquires prestige in the manufacturing of clothes, so much so that it takes the nickname of “Filandari”,
so named for the skill in fabric processing.


The origins of the territory

The uniqueness of the area involved the production of high-class gala dresses for women, produced with silk and embroidered in gold and silver.


Folklore and tradition

At the time, the elegance and originality of this dress intrigued Italian and foreign travelers who arrived in Calabria in the early 1900s, so much so that it symbolized the distinctive costume of the entire region.


The specialty of Filandari

The “filandari” family was at the center of a commercial revolution, making that women’s dress, the symbol of Calabria, more and more famous and well-known.
The family cottage is very large, and includes a vast fertile land.


From fabrics to oil

Grandfather Felice decides, together with his family, to allocate the ground floor of the cottage to the home of the town’s primary school and to embark on a new path, his true passion, that of olive oil production.

Since then, helped by the local people, and still today, the “Filandari” family continues the production of olive oil.


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